Monday, June 10

its shearing week...

shearing has always been seen as a gloomy day, the worry of if the person shearing will be gentle and have respect and understanding for our sheep, especially those of the more senior years...
each year we are both anxious as the day approaches, we look at each other with worry and dread..
but not anymore - no siree - for last year we had the most excellent shearer visit and he came along with his whole amazing family who are a walking encyclopedia of all things fleecy, yarny and spinning..

by golly i was a happy gal that day!

this year we await the singing shearer with a smile upon our faces safe in the knowledge that our precious sheep family are in truly the very best hands..
they will be sheared as if by the most gentle magic and then i shall give their dancing feet a trim and a brush up, teeth will be checked and a dose of this and that if needed - a proper sheep m.o.t done in the blink of an eye..
and before they know it they will be back out in the green fields without their woolly coats admiring each others shiny new summer look..

hurrah, hurrah 

roll on wednesday ...


  1. Have you ever read the descriptions of shearing in Chris Stewart's books (driving over lemons etc)? Some of the funniest writing ever.
    Have lots of woolie fun.

    Eleanor x

    1. i think i have driving over lemons somewhere - will have to check it out :) x

  2. How good to know that you don't have to worry about your woolly family today. Can't wait to see the models in their new summer outfits ;-)



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