Friday, June 7

this week...

the sun has shone each and every day which has been truly blissful..
i am not a sun worshipper at all by nature much preferring the cooler autumn months, but i think this year after coming through such a long, dark, damp winter i needed it. to warm me right through to my bones..

the start of the week saw the final flourish of paint being applied to the ghastly fireplace in the main room..
still not my idea of how i would like it to be for the dream is that our rayburn will one day sit right there, but it is a vast improvement on dull stone and red tiles...

the middle of the week took a downward spiral as poor sweet miss mabel moo had a nasty flare up from an old leg injury..

much pain and sadness meant a trip to the emergency vet at 4am... once more i am thinking of selling a kidney to pay for the bills..

happily today she seems so much better, the leg problem will never go away and we are booked to see a fantastic specialist next tuesday to discuss how and if we can strengthen the little white leg on my beloved little white doglet..

to cheer us through the last few days i have collected blooms from our fields and popped some in as many rooms as possible..

when you walk in to a space with flowers it really does lift the heart a little don't you think?

with mabel more settled today i have squeezed in a little furniture painting and was reminded how fiddly diddly it is to paint smaller pieces, the vastness of  a wardrobe seems overwhelming before you begin but i do believe i could have painted two in the time it will take me to complete four small tables and a dolly swinging crib!

.. but the highlight of my week so far has been those few short moments throughout the day when i have stitched..

a little here, a little there...
a pile of new needle cases slowly growing..

and for the weekend?
Saturday i am putting on my very best *helper* dress and popping over to my gorgeous pal's house..
lady of immense stitching knowledge who is opening up the door to her secret studio where a small happy group will be given help and guidance in creating a piece of clothing to wear with pride :)

there will be much laughter, friendship, tea and delicious home cooked food i am sure and if by chance you fancy a spot of frock making yourself then pop over to Rachelle's marvellous website and take a peek at dates available...

you never know i may be there to serve you a cuppa and a slice of cake..
we could chit chat about all manner of things..
now wouldn't that be lovely :) 


  1. I love everything about this post, except for your beloved doggy needing to be doctored. Bless her heart. And yours. Glad she is feeling better.

    Your fun day planned sounds delightful.

    (we have sun here in Switzerland too, finally, and it is feeling very good).

  2. Can't believe I won't be there, have a lovely, stitchy time ! New goodies look gorgeous too x

  3. Hope your. Little doglet is all better soon.
    Have fun and relax at your workshop, you deserve a break. Xxx

  4. hadn't found rachelles blog before now, thank you, its so lovely to find another fabulous blog xxxx


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