Monday, June 17

start as you mean to go on...

last week was a funny old one, full to the brim of heartache from the moment we opened our eyes monday morn and tried so very hard to save the life of a lamb and failed, to the biggest loss of a very old and dearly loved animal friend mid week that literally left both my chap and i broken beyond words and we still cannot find the voice to write about it, right up to last night when my dearest all grey duck pigeon did not come home at the end of the day with her pals...

i am fearing the worst, that a fox braved to venture so close to the farm in desperation to feed its young..
despite living in the forest we do not seem to be troubled by foxes that much, we lost a duck last year which we put down to mr or mrs fox, and a few weeks ago one of the whippets started rolling in what looked and stank like fox poo in our small front garden, right next to the house where mr and mrs poot live..

because of this they get carried like the the royalty they are and spend each night tucked up in a straw lined box in our locked front porch...

i am thinking that today the ducks will be tightly contained in to one area again which they will hate as they are very used to roaming free, paddling in lots of fields, swimming in the big pond with its own tiny waterfall, but there is no other option until the fox cubs are reared and hopefully mama fox does not need to risk venturing this way again ..
i will always wish that i had pre judged this and contained them all sooner, if only i had twigged that it was probably this time last year that we lost a duck..
heck, life is full of what ifs...
i will always remember pigeon, she was the first duck that was described to me over the phone all those years ago, the smallest of all our girls, the most beautiful grey, never broody for babes of her own but so gentle by nature.. poor pigeon i feel i have let you down and now you are gone.. :(

so with last week firmly behind us and after a little soul searching and connection with friends { by golly friends are SO important aren't they?} i am planning to step in to this week on a more positive, happy, busy note..
it looks to be a busy week filled with animal chores, and most wonderfully orders to stitch and knit and i hope to document it here as i do think writing it all down helps me, clears my mind, makes such valuable connections with all of you out there who take the time to pop on by {{ thank you }}
 best foot forward and all that ..


  1. I am sitting here in Zurich, eating my lovely swiss yogurt, and reading your words that are going deep into my heart. I can only imagine how you are feeling about the loss of the dear beloved animal last week, plus the missing duck -- animals really take up a solid place in our hearts and it is sad to lose them.

    I wish we could sit across a table (in your spare 5 minutes of the day) and I could just sit and nod and listen and tell you that you are doing a wonderful job. Because you are. Bless your heart and may you find strength in this new day, and move forward with a lighter heart.

    1. how lovely would it be sitting at that table?
      lets hope it can happen one day xxx

  2. Dear Tracy
    What a sad week for you, I can completely understand your feelings of loss, but please try not to beat yourself up with what if's as you're so busy doing a fabulous job making your animals lives so much better than they would have been.
    Millie, my youngest, announced yesterday that she didn't think she could keep sheep after all as the sadness of losing them was so hard. After a chat from a smallholder friend who told her about all the diseases they're prone to. I reminded her what fabulous animals they are and the positives are really worth the negatives.
    I hope you find calm and happiness in your stitches and the sun shines today for you. All the best.

    Lisa x

    1. hello you x
      you should bring millie here to meet all of our sheep, to get hands on and to fall totally and utterly in love :)
      you are welcome anytime - we need more happy, kind future sheep keepers xx

    2. Just popped on to catch up with your news and so pleased to see your naughty duck had turned up as if nothing had happened at all.

      I think that's an offer we'll have to take you up on one day Tracy, I doubt she'd want to leave though.


  3. So sad, but how lucky those animals were to have you in their lives. Mother Nature can be very cruel at times Tracy, and I hope that this week is brighter and more positive for you.

    Love Claire xx

    1. you are right mother nature is a curious thing that we will never understand..
      thank you for your lovely words - they mean a huge amount x

  4. Know how you're feeling lovely. We have lost two runners recently, including our beautifully sweet and tame Jane, who both just vanished without a trace during different days, no feathers or anything left to tell us what happened to them. Mother nature can be very cruel at times x

    1. oh georgina that is so sad :(
      sending you a squeeze xx

  5. good times ahead my dear friend hang onto that when it all gets a bit tough...xx

  6. good times around the corner . hugs xxxx


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