Monday, June 17

and the wanderer returns...

she came home!

naughty, naughty pigeon...
strolled out of a huge patch of nettles right before my eyes...
spotted me and loudly yelled for her breakfast clearly furious that it was after 10am and she had been out all night and was starving...
and then spent the afternoon snoozing in the sunshine clearly exhausted from her first
{ and hopefully only } night sleeping under the stars..

we are feeling rather blessed right now :)


  1. WONDERFUL news! Here I am again in the morning, reading a few blogs - so pleased to see this!!!

    *big smile*

  2. Oh, am so glad ... naughty pigeon!

    Glad your sad little story had one happy ending ...

    Love Claire xxx

  3. awwww. i'm so glad she came back :)

  4. Good glad she's home. Xxx

  5. Such good news, Stay safe little Pigeon.

    Pat x.

  6. Oh yay, I'm so happy for you, I felt so sad reading yesterdays post and so sorry for you feeling guilty, nut all is well! xxBrenda


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