Wednesday, July 17

catch up...

what a busy, heart filling, beautiful time it has been and my mind and hands have busily beavered away and i have neglected this sweet blog of mine.. tsk 

anyhoo here we are today as i turn 41, a day at home after two days away adventuring, so i am catching up not only here but also on my doglet cuddling {they are furious with me}, cleaning, and hopefully much later this evening some stitching... rather lovely way to spend a birthday..

first thing i must do is announce the winner of my kindness giveaway which is overdue ..
here we are..
a pot, a rummage..
and the prize winner is...


i do hope you like your parcel of kindness lovely karan xx

and as for the rest of my birthday?
i think it will be full to the brim of more of this....

not bad at all.....


  1. happy birthday. hope you have a lovely day :)

  2. Have a lovely gentle and fun-filled birthday. xxx

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, Tracy! To dreams come true...
    Love and woofs,
    walter and me xx

  4. Happy Birthday and because you have picked my name out I now feel it's my birthday too! Thank you so much. I have sent you my address. xxxx Karan xxx

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday Tracy ... those jam tarts looks delicious!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. happy, happy birthday! I hope you have had many furry cuddles and love XXX


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