Tuesday, July 9

warm days on the farm


this post will be picture heavy as it is just too darn beautiful out there and my ability to do anything other than keep the animals water buckets filled is gone...

enjoy the english summertime folks..


  1. So beautiful. I well want to meet all your beasties. Keep on enjoying the sunshine. :)

  2. Looks so peaceful. Love your two cute furry friends.
    Carol xx

  3. Beautiful.

  4. why do your pics make me sit here and say, 'ooo look the UK looks fab, i must visit!' when i have lived here all my life!!! crazy! you capture it so well xxx

  5. How glorious it looks at your place! I am dreaming of my own paddocks where my elderly mare can spend her days with some friends. it is winter here and very chilly, so my smaller furry friends are curled up close to the fire. The fresh greens in your lovely photos remind me of warmer days to come. XXXX


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