Thursday, July 4


to say i am feeling rather blessed is an understatement..
good news after a rather terrifying health scare for my loved one {still hurdles to face but we are getting there}, and yesterday such kindness from two friends that i hold most dearly..
their kindness warmed my cockles. yes siree it most certainly did..

so with the feeling of kindness wafting around me i wanted, nay needed, to waft this kindness cloud around a little..

i have secret plans afoot for some but thought i would also have a wee giveaway here on my tiny old blog

i have pootled around and gathered a selection of my makes that i peddle at fairs, a mixture of cheerful little things that will hopefully make the winner smile..
it includes various brooches so that you can adorn your very best summer cardies, a crocheted pin cushion, a heart using some of  the fabric which i so wish i had never cut in to and one of my teacloth bracelets..
there will no doubt be other gatherings as the week progresses so do not be alarmed when your parcel arrives and has a few special *extras*..

to enter leave a message on this post with a sure way of me being able to contact you if you are a winner..
and just to remind you that your comment will not appear until i press the magic button this end.. comment moderation and all that malarkey...
i shall ask a kindly soul to pull a name from a bowl in a weeks time..

so over to you
feel free to spread the word of this here giveaway, lets together spread a little kindness today..


  1. Hi Tracy, How you find the time to make such goodies AND manage to look after your lovely animals, I don`t know. Heres hoping healthwise everything is ok with you and yours.
    Patricia Brambley.

  2. Am I the first comment?! Surely that is lucky if it is?! Have shared and rt on fbk and twitter so spreading my love for you and all you do (now I sound obsessive)! Stopping now!!!! X

  3. Hello! I am on holiday but had to post a comment anyway! I love your blog and your talent - plus your heart for animals. Glad you are feeling kindness around you :-)

    God bless,

    Can be reached at

  4. Oooh I Love your pretty makes. Please include me in your bowl....or teacup! x

  5. Oh how beautiful! I would love that pear brooch for my nipper especially!
    And thank goodness your near and dear one has had good news, I can't think of anything worse than worring about health and not knowing. Lots of relaxing and recouperating times ahead now I hope : ) x

  6. How generous of you, I love your handmade items, they are so beautiful. I hope all is well for you xxBrenda

  7. So glad to read that the health issue is not as you originally thought. Thoughts and best wishes to you and yours. What a lovely giveaway, you are so generous.

  8. Love your work!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Ooh yes please - looks like a lovely lot of goodies. You can contact me via my blog.

    Eleanor xxx

  10. My own loved had a health scare last year and it really was awful.Glad to hear that yours isn't as bad as it first appeared.
    How ever do you fit making such loveliness in with caring for your brood?!

  11. I'd love one of those brooches!

  12. Your work is so beautiful. So glad that your loved one is going to be okay, you can't put a price on good health. Please include me in your teacup draw. regards Karan

  13. Eeeeek health scares for loved ones can be horrid (been there, done that) so fingers crossed for good news.

  14. Hello there lovely one. I have never posted before as too too shy but i felt i should just to ssy your work both crafty and animally is fantastic...... Please include my name in your little give away.
    Thank you xxxx

    1. hello there x
      i hope you are no longer shy and stop by to say hello more often xx

  15. oh no health scares sound bad so huge hugs and adore all your makes xxxxxx

  16. Just caught your good news in a waft...hope I can pass it on. I want to do a give away but scared no one will play!
    Eco Ethel xx

  17. Such lovely handmade pretties! Thank you for your kindness - sending you blessings right back! Good health and happiness for you and your nearest and dearest.

    Natalie x


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