Friday, July 5


despite my best endeavours to not allow under any circumstances any sort of broodiness happening we seem to have a few culprits...

we do not believe in breeding whilst there are so many smallies out there that need rescuing especially as  we are having to say no to so many rescue request each week as funds are currently fully stretched, but once they are firmly on that nest i cave..

my worry is that i may have lost track of days and that wee baba inside that delicate shell will already be an actual little soul that deserves a happy life and who am i to kill it by removing it from its feather lined nest?

so here we are again. same as last year. more mouths to feed due to my weakness...

this duck raised six last year and this year she is at it again - currently perched upon seven duck eggs and one hen egg..
there is going to be some confusion come hatching time...

and the other culprit?
again the same mama as last year, she who decided in her very best mama wisdom to build her nest way up high on a wall mounted hay rack so that her little ones were destined to plummet to their deaths on their very first outing..
needless to say once hatched they were removed and as mama refused to come with them insisting on staying upon her nest the three chicks were raised by us..
picalilli, custard and crumpet.. you can read about there japes here and here...

obviously this mama has wised up to our plans and has taken the whole extreme nest building to the next level..
she is currently up on the very highest hay loft we have..

way up there. somewhere. 
we currently have no ladder to reach her as the goats ate the wooden one... ack...

she pops down occasionally for food, water and to generally shout at us and all the other chickens and then hot foots it back to her nest on high...

we are currently pondering what to do for the best, i do believe a ladder has to be found and a cage of some sort constructed around the nest until all are hatched and then can be gently transported down together en mass in the hope that she will continue to raise them and thus saving our bathroom from mad sprinting chicks and saving our guests the shame of having to pee in front of ones so small....

i will keep you posted ..


  1. Hello. You will probably be amazed at this. I was rather randomly thinking about you as I thought you had stopped blogging rather a long time ago. I wondered if you were ok all the way on the other side of the world. So I checked in and discovered a whole lot of wonderful stories to catch up on, and lots of lucky whippets and other animals under your care. I am so pleased you are safe and are carrying on your wonderful work. Best wishes XXXX

    1. oh hello lovely you!!
      so so pleased you have found me again, its a funny old thing this blog world and those that we meet and remember :) t x

  2. Oh dear... I remember that hen from last year. Good luck!

  3. We have 3 broody mamas and were given some eggs when we bought our two chickens 3 weeks ago. We now have three chicks, one for each of our hens!

  4. oh this is hysterical (as long as babies don't fall) do build another
    ladder! xxx


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