Tuesday, July 30

when life becomes too much i stitch..

man alive yesterday was stressful..
any day that includes movement, sorting and dosing of sheep always is for me - my worry hat sits firmly on my head all day as i look at all there tiny faces .. they know something is happening, there world of grazing peacefully all day has disappeared and instead they are trapped in a small space running scared even though they know us ..

 always flight animals even after years of being together, especially our precious rare native breeds that retain all there historical traits unlike the sad meat sheep that have been interbred and interfered with by us cruel humans.. virtually no personality and natural sheep behaviour left in them at all, just over sized walking supermarket aisles.. now too large  and stupid to run away which gives greedy farmers an easier life...

as humans we have an awful lot to answer for when it comes to how we view animals...
i do honestly believe mother nature will put up with so much and then the human race will be punished..
serves us right...
*rant over*

with any animal work i like the job to be done as quickly as possible, for there lives to return to normal and peace to flow through the farm once more..
sadly things always crop up and time flies past, they worry, i worry, i forget to eat and drink and by 6pm i am a worn out stressed grumpy shepherdess :(

thankfully i can come indoors and pick up my therapy ..
sometimes its crochet or knitting but at the moment it is still stitching...

this stitchery is my current mind calming work..

along with a new squirrel made from precious yarn from a shetland sheep looking a little odd in its unfinished state...

i have plans for them to both be perched upon my etsy shelves in the next few days but there are goats to sort.....


  1. It is so nice to see still some compassion left in the world for meek creatures who can't stand up and defend themselves.
    (You at least have a retreat you call hobby & I call art, but I, unfortunately don't have many (any) talent(s) to fall back on - haha.
    May God bless you for the good work you are doing & I am looking forward to seeing some cute stitched & knitted wee bits by you!

  2. What a darling wee lamb! You are so right about cruel humans. I am so disgusted by the human race in so many ways. Animals are so precious. Gorgeous crafty treasures! You are so clever XXXX


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