Thursday, August 8

and then they were gone..

after a whole week of family love, contact and fun they have now all gone home and we are once more alone...

time to tidy round finding odd things that have been left behind by tiny hands...

the hands of my niece who has in the last week totally and utterly stolen my heart. completely.

almost a week of gazing at my beautiful baby sister as she fulfils the role of a new mama so wonderfully.. a natural rhythm of total love and devotion only a mother can show pours out of her as she tends to her darling little annabelle..
she cannot see what a wonderful mama she is so i whisper it to her gently in the hope it seeps in to her heart and stays there as a gentle reminder when moments are tough..

the pride and love for both of my sisters sings out of me when i hold them close breathing them in..
i wish i could tell them just how much i love them but i am unable to find words big enough  to say just how much they mean to me..

.. and the joy of seeing my nephew so very grown up and catching tiny glimpses of the chap he will become in the future.. confident, kind and unbelievably funny..

oh and what to say of the comfort of a mama hug even when you are in your forties.. by golly there is no feeling finer than that of being held by the one person who loves you totally from the tip of your toes to the top of your head..
my whole self fits inside my mama's arms and i can feel the utter joy, love and completeness each hug brings and i am totally thankful for it.. for her.. always

and lastly the sense of protection, love and security a father brings... even now at my age i slept more soundly in my bed knowing my dad was under the same roof... the comfort of him is one i cannot explain but am so very, very grateful for...

but all marvellous things must end, for the time being anyway, so as i sit and tippity tap away this evening i hold close the feeling of love left in my home by my family..
the tiny notes i am finding left secretly by my mama..

 each one making my heart hurt for that tiny second before the feeling of love sweeps through me..
each one tucked away safely so i can peek at them when homesick..

by golly i am a lucky girl


  1. Oh, what a lovely tribute to your family... Made my eyes tear up... You truly are blessed..
    Thank you for putting it all down in print..
    Val in Kansas :-)

  2. by golly, I'm filling up! EE xx

  3. What a beautiful post. Im glad you all had a lovely time. Baby Annabelle looks adorable
    . :)

  4. My lovely write so beautifully, we cried, I love youso much , I hug you every day......i do.xxxxx


  5. Beautiful - really lovely! You have a wonderful way with words

  6. What a lovely family you have and those notes from your Mother ... such a lovely, lovely thing to do.

  7. ok so now im sobbing like a baby into my coffee this morning xxxx


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