Tuesday, August 27

a round up...

i have had a busy time over the last week, a week full of so many nice things...

naughty bella cat knowing full well that she is not allowed to actually sit on the table when we are eating so just chooses to give me the evil cat stare from her perch on the stool ..
and then just to let me know she is totally in charge parks herself on my new treasures...

deer spotting on the way home from an afternoon spent drinking tea with friends..

a room that made my heart stop. literally stop.. i wanted to stroke every single table and chair..

but mainly my heart has been filled to the brim with the arrival of a friend that i love and value so much, the kind of friend that knows you so well even though you do not spend nearly enough time together..
the sort of friend who no matter how late you stay up there is still talking to do...
a jolly trip was of course in order and what a beautiful day it was ...

oh how sad i was when she left today...

and this week is the start of a new chapter in our lives here at the farm, at long long last after hoping, wishing and dreaming, my chap finally now officially works from home..
the difference this will make to us is just wonderful!

never give up on a dream folks. not ever. even if the road to the final destination is full of pot holes and broken wheels.


  1. Sounds like a good tonic, friends are important!
    Em x

  2. Love the photos of Bella. If only they could talk!

    Congratulations on your new chpater. It sounds very exciting. I am so pleased that your dreams are coming true.



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