Tuesday, August 20

the twitchy blanket...

i like to make a blanket each year for the house and my fingers generally start twitching when september rolls in, but this year the twitching started early when i happened upon that lovely cheap as chips yarn..

it all started so beautifully and i was happily bumbling along dreaming of my massive twitchy blanket that would keep me the dogs warm this winter...

... and then on sunday at a craft fair as i sat behind my table of wares a few kindly souls commented on how lovely my crochet was and how nice it would be as a scarf..

my heart fell as i had been here once before..
suddenly i was having a flashback to a previous twitchy blanket that was all blue and grey ripples ...
the poor thing never made it to lap size as i quickly wrapped it around my neck on a cold snowy day and its fate was sealed...

however the old cogs began tick tick ticking and i pondered that this particular twitchy blanket was indeed a joy to make and pretty quick too..

how easy and delightful it would be to make scarves to place upon my table of wares in the hope that others would fall in love with my newly made *twitchy should have been a blanket scarf*

and so it came to be....


  1. Love that scarf. Might have to order one for my christmas list. :)

  2. You have just invented a scanket! Brilliant...EE xx

  3. Love the scanket comment! What pretty colours. I never got into any crochet or knitting over winter, and now spring is on the way I am thinking of tiny seeds and summer dressmaking. I am sure your beautiful scarves will be very popular! XX

  4. Good thinking Batman, as we say here! Tis a truly love scarf x


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