Friday, October 11

for the love of sheep

a couple of days ago i spent a few hours over at my pals house plotting and planning for our upcoming adventure at the Harrogate Country Living Fair.. we did a small bit of plotting and planning, rather more chatting and tea drinking, spectacular cake eating {recipe here} and of course i topped up on my vital stanley and miss v cuddles - all in all a rather lovely time was had..

{{cake carried home and is now being enjoyed here}}

on the way back to the car we were bellowed at by the three house pigs so of course had to go say hello {never be rude to pigs. they will remember and plot revenge} upon which my pal declared her great love for them despite their naughty ways.. i confessed that i was not that keen - g.a.s.p...

i have never been a pig person. i adore ours even though as my pal reminded me ours are not the prettiest of pigs ..
my pal is so right, our piggo's are not cute at all but they make me laugh all the time {when i am not swearing at them for causing havoc and mayhem}
 and i do tell  butch and roxi  that looks are not everything but manners are and that waiting for supper to arrive in their bowls before attempting to eat through the bucket is advisable .. they always nod knowingly.. and ignore me...
but still they do not stand at the top of my list for that place is firmly reserved for sheep..

despite the varied animals we have here at our rescue centre both my chap and i are *sheep folk*, we know sheep, we understand sheep, we adore sheep..
obviously rare native breeds are our all time tippity tops with the beautiful boreray in first place..

ack so stunning....

of course i thank them greatly for the amazing fleece they provide me each and every year but most of all i thank them for being such amazing creatures, resilient, savvy, and the way they stay in their tight family groups and know if someone is missing..

yep. sheep. i never want to be without you.


  1. Oh my goodness, that first photo is my absolute favorite - what a cutie!

  2. Ooh, me and my Millie are going to the CL Fair at Harrogate! Looking forward to meeting you ... beautiful sheep, what pretty faces. I've already admired the malt loaf over at Ted and Agnes ... Looks delicious

    Have a wondeful weekend

    Love Claire xx

  3. Have you read Hat full of sky? xx I don't know sheep at, all or pigs but i blinking know cats :-) xx


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