Friday, October 4

wearing handmade everyday is hard...

man alive i have failed at my 365 mission already!
day one and two saw a brooch and a knitted hat - easy peasy..
day three and it poured and poured with rain all day, the farmyard was like a swamp, the animals were soaked, i looked like a drowned bag lady - not a hope in hell of donning anything handmade and lovely..
day four today and its goat worming day...
not an ideal day to waft around in a handmade delight..

i truly think being a farm gal that i have to accept that i look pretty appalling most of the time, i always snort when i see comments from women who dream of living a self sufficient life with land and animals and how they say they will wear only cath frickin kidston dresses, hunter wellies and fair isle cardis... honestly girls this happens only in magazine pages..
wanna see the reality?

my hideous outfit for the day

and believe me this is a pretty good day and is taken quite early on before the goats...

however, saying all this i will not turn my back on this challenge as it is one i believe in with all of my stitching soul, wearing handmade is a treat, an honour, but for me it just cannot be every single day...

 not when there are creatures like this that i can sneak a quick cuddle with whilst holding them for worming ..


  1. It makes the days you do manage to dress up extra special? Xxx

  2. Oh yes ck dresses and Hunter wellies, I can see you now! X

  3. reality and there's a gap even goats can't leap over xxxxxx

  4. Add a patch of pretty fabric to your overalls and then you can wear handmade (I'm stretching it a bit!) everyday :)

    1. oh my goodness why have i not thought of pimping my overalls!!

  5. Love your blog and your aims.
    I found your blog through 'Country Rabbit' blog.
    I would like to 'follow ' your blog but, couldn't find a 'follow' thingy.

    Does your wearing handmade everyday items have to have been made by you?

    Sandie xxx

    1. hello there :)
      no idea about blog follow thingy as i am a bit rubbish at all things technical but i will look in to it!
      the challenge is to wear handmade everyday and it can be made by anyone - have a look at my pals blog where it is all explained so much better than i can - ted and agnes.
      thanks for popping over - hope to find follow button and chat again x

  6. I love the idea. I think socks, hats and earrings could be your best friends! Eleanor x

  7. Hi Tracy, look at other handmade items too, socks, scarves, gloves etc are all able to be handmade. Handmade can be utilitarian as well as pretty, our farmers have been making do for centuries! XxBrenda

    1. there will be gloves, mittens and scarves coming up soon - colder weather approaching! x

  8. ah the country living dream, land girl v ck girl! I've just started on 365 today, I'm thinking some days it may just be a pair of earrings.


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