Tuesday, October 1

Handmade 365

i have the most lovely of chums who has come up with the grand plan of Handmade 365...
instead of me waffling on and on why not pop over here whereupon Rachelle will explain it all to you much better than i ever could..

basically the mission i have signed up for is to wear something handmade, however tiny, each and everyday and to celebrate the sheer joy and happiness handmade brings..

so without further fuss and waffling i will start this challenge with but a small handmade item but one that is very dear to my heart and does indeed fill me to the brim with handmade joy and happiness..

isn't it a beaut?

purchased for me secret squirrel style by this gorgeous pal of mine, right under my nose at a craft fair where the maker of said beautiful brooch had a table groaning with so much lovely loot.. you can have a look for yourself on her Folksy shop page ..
{{ i am head over heels in love with the pony ring  that is shown here}}

anyhoo, not only was i blessed by being given a most wondrous gift from one pal but i am now twice as blessed as a good old friendship has slowly been growing with the clever lass who made the brooch!!
so win win on all counts..

so today, this very first day of my Handmade 365 challenge i shall be wearing this brooch with love and pride..
it will unfortunately be tucked under a pair of extremely unflattering farm overalls as the vet is due to *sort out* the males of the farm, but i will know it is there.. a tucked away handmade treasure that contains the friendship of two wonderful girls i am super lucky to have as pals...

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  1. oooh thanks for the mention.:)
    Sounds like an exciting challenge.What shall you be wearing today I wonder? Xx


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