Friday, October 18


lately, i have lost myself as a maker...

my makers head has been too full of the thousands of images of other peoples makes and this has completely engulfed and smothered all my creativity...

its time to strip things bare
to relocate the maker i think i am


  1. A Maker you are most definitely ! A very fine one at that!!!! Come on lovely lady find your lost magic, we need more of your gorgeous stuf!!!

  2. I know that feeling, you look at everyone else's makeries and anything you create/want to create , well it just doesn't seem to do. I love your stuff - so there! X

  3. I adore this photo. really, I want to hug this sweet critter. All the best to you as you seek out your mojo.

  4. Loving the new look for the blog - there's a little bit of creativity right there!
    Eleanor xx

  5. Too cold to strip...perhaps your makers head just needs a thinking cap? Good luck in your search. xx

  6. I think sometimes we have to do this, to re-find our own eyes and soul and passion! Influence is fabulous when it's inspiring the you in you, but if it's swamping then a break for sure! I cant wait to see what you create, you make such an awesome you! x


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