Tuesday, October 22

quietly bumbling

i am still here, just quietly bumbling through the days..
days that are full of preparing animals for Winter, almost constant rain and mud. so much mud.
the doglets are in and out like yo-yo's throughout the day, refusing a proper walk which of course leads to restless monsters and the constant wiping of six lots of muddy whippety feet.

i am trying to keep my mind focused on making for the Country Living Fair in Harrogate which is looming and i am so pleased i made the decision to make only things that i *need* and *want* - it has been good for me.
a rather odd bunch of stitcheries and makes will be travelling with me in my red suitcase and i hope that they are looked at, pondered over and possibly, if the right person arrives, purchased with glee
 we shall see..
there will be a stand full of my partner in stitching crime beautiful wares, and a large amount of gorgeous haberdashery delights to tempt folk in so i am hoping my creatures with quiet souls will just hover in the background whispering their secrets..
i hope over the next few days to start introducing them to you...


  1. Ooh Tracy, I'll be there looking at and pondering! Can't wait ....

    Love Claire xx


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