Saturday, November 9

bedn #nine

well now how do i complete today's #bedn request without coming across as a soppy fool?
we have been asked to talk about blogging and what it means to us...

honestly i have no idea without searching for a date just how long i have been at this blogging malarkey - it seems like a very long time. i have times when i walk away from it totally and times, like now, when i seem to be able to chatter on and on with no effort at all.

this is my second blog and hopefully my last, no more changes other than the general look of it which i overhaul from time to time. i cannot promise that it will always be here but for now all is good.

when i think of this blog of mine it immediately makes me incredibly grateful for all the folk that i can now call dear friends, all that have found there way to me via this blog - amazing!
without this space i would never have had them in my life, so today i am standing shouting from the rooftops that i am super super grateful for blogging and the fact that i have the nicest, most beautiful, kind and amazing group of friends surrounding me because of it :)

you know who you are you lovely lot xxxx


  1. Yay! I have met a couple of lovely people through blogging too :)

  2. I'm thinking that is me, for if it is not, I may cry! Xxx

    1. of course it includes you my beautiful big hearted friend :) x


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