Friday, November 8

bedn #eight

on the days when i am not trapped {{trapped like a worm in a shoe}} i go about the daily chores here at our home and animal rescue centre..
each day is different
some days are so awful that a camera is the last thing in my hands, but today was good, today was one of those days that just ticked along. chores got done, animals got kissed, i was o.u.t.s.i.d.e

so. my day went something like this...

so how was your day?


  1. Looks an awesome day. Today im stuck at work until ten but i have a week off to look fwd to and on monday i shall be getting a lovely new addition.:)))

  2. Love those pecking birds!
    P x

  3. How adorable are your animals?! Love this post.

  4. Nowhere near as wonderful as yours by the looks of things :) - Ah no it was pretty good but your photos are lovely!

  5. Oh Tracy.... Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and I just love your lineup of papier mache birds! I'm glad your day was a good day!
    Val in Kansas


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