Sunday, November 3

bedn #three

the light in this forest is what keeps me going..
if we are dealing with a particularly difficult rescue case and i start to feel that immense feeling of being totally overwhelmed, i just look up..
i stare at our view..
i absorb the light thrown off of the tree tops and i just breathe..
slowly i feel myself gather strength and calmness..
it can take less than a minute but when i look down at the animal needing my help i know i am ready, i am calm, i can do this...

without this forest i would not cope with my day job, the chance to grab a doglet, walk out of my gate and immediately be wrapped in the safety of this place is incredible - a gift..

there is no place i would rather be
i am a forest girl..

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  1. I don't know how you do it, even with the view. Some of the things you must see would upset me so much.

    1. there are a great deal of days when i wish i was not doing it but we fear for all the abused and unwanted just waiting for us to find them and this makes us carry on :(

  2. how wonderful are those views, that sky is so big! x

  3. The power of nature. I feel it too!

  4. I am a forest girl too. This is lovely.


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