Monday, November 4

bedn #four

throughout winter the food that keeps us farmers on our wellington clad feet is homemade soup and bread..
i have been making and baking both for as long as i can remember so it has become a habit, part of the days routine...
the pictures above are of a plain white loaf and a vegan leek and potato soup with a chilli jam drizzle, but for today's #bedn post i thought i would share my most favourite soup recipe with you..
as you will see there are no measurements as with all my soup making it is just a case of using what is lurking and looking a tad desperate in the pantry - i suggest just following your inner soup cooking guide and hoping for the very best...
here goes..

any sort of squash, pear and sage soup

cut whichever squash or pumpkin you have in half and place a pile of peeled and cored pear inside along with a sage leaf or two..

wrap in foil and roast in the oven until soft...

once cool blitz in your trusty food processor ..

set aside whilst you fry a few shallots in a pan along with a smidge of garlic if you so wish and a dash of one of my most loved ingredients *chinese five spice* ..
go careful with this magical spice as if too much is added it will indeed ruin your soup completely - best to be cautious and add more if needed once soup is tested....

once shallots and garlic are soft add the squash delights and enough almond milk, or indeed any other vegan milk to the pan until the right consistency for your own soup tastes are reached.. we favour a nice thick soup in this house...

season to taste 

to serve add a drizzle of olive oil and if you are not mushroom phobic like me then i am told that a few crisp fungi are delicious on top and add to the earthy autumnal feel..

ta dah..

** joining rosalilium and others on the #bedn challenge **


  1. I have just printed off your recipe and will be making it very soon ... sounds delish!

  2. I love the idea of adding chilli jam to soup - I made a particularly runny batch of chilli jam this weekend, so it will be perfect for drizzling (I'll just pretend that was my intention all along...)

    1. HA that is exactly how the one shown came about!!

  3. Oooh I just made pumpkin soup 2day - still have loads left so will try it with the pear & sage (sounds great!) x

  4. Sounds amazing, and your pictures are beautiful. I shall be following my inner-soup-guide next weekend.
    Claire xx

  5. I knew there was a reason I didn't carve that last pumpkin on Halloween......I shall we having a go, thank you for sharing x

  6. I am a mushroom-phobic too!! Lovely to meet you via BEDN! This soup sounds really tasty!

    Oooh, where in the Yorkshire moors are you? My friends live in Goathland and I love going to stay with them!x


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