Friday, December 20

happiest of yuletide greetings...

all my hopes to spend a little time here have disappeared in the wind..
time absorbed by animals, fund raising, calender selling and secret 2014 project planning and plotting...

so all that is left is for all of us here, on two legs and four, to send all of you such a huge amount of thanks for sticking around through good times and bad and listening to my often odd ramblings...

we wish you a peaceful yuletide hoping that you spend it with those that you love and adore...



  1. Happy Christmas Tracey, hope you have a good one:) and maybe in 2014 I could adopt a squirrell , I am sure you have a couple of spare ones:) regards Karan

  2. You too Tracy. Your tree ornaments are fab!
    Have a lovely time x

  3. And a very Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year to you and yours, too! No matter how random your posts, I always enjoy them!
    God Bless!
    Val in Kansas

  4. Merry Christmas and blessings in the new year!

  5. Blessings to you too and yours Tracy ... I hung my little paper decorations yesterday, they look lovely!

    Have a wonderful time

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Merry Christmas Tracy and a very Happy New Year.

    From Pat xxx

  7. Happy Christmas! May the new year bring you light, warmth, love and peace, and may
    Gods' blessing be on your family and all of the creatures you care for. With love, Carolyn


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