Tuesday, December 31

perched on the edge...

well here we are at the end of yet another year. once again full of joyful moments but outweighed yet again by moments of total devastation. 
sadly i think this is how it will always be as long as we continue to run an animal rescue.
honestly there have been so many points this year when i have sobbed and yelled no more.. no more animals, no more upset, but each time we sit down and wonder if we give up doing our small part just how many animals will be lost, forgotten, beaten, broken and never feel warmth and kindness?
so we trudge on.

2013 has made me realise a good few things about myself which i am seeing as a huge step forward and will certainly use this new found wisdom *ahem* as i tentatively step in to 2014 whilst holding my breath and hoping for happier days...

i now know that i am not a maker or should i say not a maker that sells things. i do not like it one bit apart from the social side of meeting and chatting to lovely folk, so 2014 will see me creating things for sure but not with an eye to selling them.

i now know for sure that i prefer to disappear in to the background, to stay at home, to care for those around me, to nest, to grow things, to slowly and gently go about my days.

i now know for sure who my friends are. who i can trust to stand by me in a storm. i am *very* blessed.

i now know for sure that we have everything we need. we may be poor as church mice but we have each other and we are  thankful.

so 2014 you are waiting just round the corner and i am pleased. 
i will step in to you smiling, holding my hopes and plans carefully in my hands and hoping that they come true.
there are already two projects in the pipeline which are hugely exciting and more than a bit scary, both require me to become a little more motivated and actually push to make them happen. seeing as this is not a strong talent in this household i may be leaning on all of you for a little support, a little cheer, or some kindly soul to give me a stern talking to and swift boot up the backside (looking at you for this my sue) xxxx

cheerio 2013 you have been a tough one emotionally but a good one for personal growth
hello 2014 - what do you have in store for us?

blessings and happiness for 2014  to all that stop by here



  1. Happy New Year to you and Stephen and all the animals. Wishing you strength for the year ahead. We'll be cheeering you on!
    Diana and Walter Dog xxx

  2. Tracy, I do hope that the new year will be a better one for you. Please don't stop doing what you do. Jx

  3. You do still have to make a keyring that I can purchase - don't forget! X


  4. Oh boy, do I know what you mean...

    I found you through Ginny, and this year I gave up my market stall, and was nearly deafened by the sound of crickets coming form my etsy shop. As in: nothing. Nada.

    It's hard to stay with the vibe, but then there are natural ebbs and flows.

    Heres; what i LOVE



    about your blog -
    the calm negative space - the layout, the fact yo have all the other stuff elsewhere, and your gorgeous photos.

    I saw you were struggling with the blog prompts - those things make me gag.

    I'm already follwing you on pinterest, so please stay !!



    1. thanks very very much - the old blog needed to be stripped right back alongside my old brain in order to make sense of all the crap in it!
      glad you have found me :) x

  5. Happy New Year guys. I hope lovely things happen.xxx

  6. I was sat here by the fire wondering when i first 'found' you? i have the worst memory, I think i stumbled upon your blog,,,or did you stumble upon my blog? anywho it feels so utterly comfortable to be here, like you are one of those friends and we just go way back,,,even though i have never met you!! Who knows what is up ahead? but i wish you a year full of happy moments that will hopefully make the sad ones bearable, and do you know what i hope for too? is that i could bumble along the little bumpy road that leads to your cottage, wellies in the boot,,, and we could walk in the forest, with your hounds .... and have a really long chat :-) lots of love, lovely you xx I'll bring Woo xx

  7. So good that there are people like you in the world, lovely Tracy! It's a shame you don't want to sell your beautiful makes ... I feel very privileged to have been able to buy the paper decorations from you, and they will be treasured for years to come ...

    Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2014

    Love Claire xxx


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