Tuesday, December 10


so i seem to have disappeared again.
 i would like to blame it on the run up to christmas but i cannot...

here in the forest we celebrate a natural, peaceful yuletide which i will share with you over the next few posts...

the truth is that i have had a spell of being pathetic!

weepy, hopeless, moody, pathetic horrid to live with monster...
but i am  over that now and am putting it down to a shift in hormones that age brings so a trip to my homoeopath in the new year will re balance and sort me out..

apart from the being pathetic i have trundled on with a few makes, pootled around the house, gazed at the many animals in our care, felt overwhelmed with responsibility and eaten my body weight in stollen...


back with a glimpse of our yule home soon x


  1. Every one needs to be pathetic now and again! I am in awe of your care for the animals that share your life. Looking forward to seeing your natural Christmas. Xxx

  2. Oh dear. So many lovely animals and that horrid dark weepy time has struck. Have to admit I am struggling a bit too. The madness of Christmas. Much love to you. This will pass for us both. XXX

  3. The first photo is soooooo the sheep version of "The Usual Suspects"! Like you I am a stollenphile, in fact anything with marzipan will do.

    1. HA - we call it the sheep mafia!
      i go through so much marzipan over christmas that i have to ban myself from it the rest of the year :)


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