Monday, December 2

i can explain....

well that was a hooting great big disaster!
i did not even make it through half the challenge of *blog every day in november*
i have an excuse. honest. not a great one but an excuse never the less...

country living fair

between all the daily chores here i managed to squeeze all spare moments in to making for the big event..
turns out i had far fewer spare moments than i thought and a meagre collection accompanied me to the show.
the show itself was filled with much joy and laughter at seeing beautiful friends, enormous sorrow as a very special lamb lost his fight and i was beside myself with grief that i was not there to hold him in his last hours, to whisper that i was sorry, to tell him that i loved him unconditionally and would *always* treasure his twin sister and mama ..
 unfortunately a fair bit of sorrow leaked out but i was picked up, hugged and dusted down by my amazing friends who truly mean the world to me..
i also overcome a massive hurdle, shyness, by getting up on stage with my pal each day and running a workshop - oh my it was a hoot!
and to top it all off i spent time with my parents, not enough time but i guess however long they were by my side it would never be enough..

as for the show itself?
badly organised 
would i do it again?
but i have come away with a little more faith in my makes as all my *odd* creations sold quickly whilst the more ordinary sat around
mr r.d dastardly and his papier mache suitcase caused quite a stir....

so dear ones, this is my excuse for abandoning ship, losing my blogging way, but i hope that i am now back sitting snugly in place for the run up to the end of the year.

exciting things are afoot, ideas are mulling around in the old noggin, but above all else i am looking forward to spending some time making things for those that i love, collecting wood to heat our damp old farmhouse and ensuring that our rescue animals are tip top happy..

marvellous x


  1. Still wish I could have been there, but no you have no excuse not to finish my keyring and Fox - or do you?! X

  2. Hello Tracy, was lovely meeting you on Friday and seeing your lovely stuff! Sad that you're not doing it again, I thought you made a great team and your workshop was so popular me and Mille couldn't get a ticket ...

    I've given you a mention on my blog, have a little look if you can be bothered!

    So sorry about the little lamb xxx

  3. Well I did enjoy reading your blog for the first set of post at the start of #BEDN. Looking forward to more. Am very jealous of your outdoor lifestyle.
    Claire xx

  4. It's the taking part that counts! Whether you made 10 or 30 days, it was great to read what you did blog.

    I'm glad you got something positive out of the show despite how turbulent a time it was. And I shall look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  5. Any gorgeous stuff left over for sale from your show last week? Any squirrels? Regards Karan xxx

    1. hello :) i think i will have 2 or 3 squirrels looking for homes later this week :)
      need to grab a bit of decent daylight so that i can pop a few bits and bobs in my etsy shop.
      will try to remember to post on blog - are you on facebook? i tend to pop shop prompts on there x


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