Tuesday, January 14

is it curry night?

.....this question is asked a lot in our house.
we are major fans of indian food and tend to eat it two or three times a week in one form or another and it is always a winner and we will never tire of it. not ever.
obviously it is always vegan which is so easy as we have the total joy of coconut milk to play around with ..
veggies obviously and sometimes, not always, only when shopping budget allows i add a tofu dish.
ahhh tofu you tricky dicky blighter...
over the many years of my tofu prep and eating i have tried and tested all the tricks but the one that works for me is to as soon as i get it home, i drain it and plonk it straight in the freezer.
on the day its needed i just take it out in the morning ready for that evening, the freezing process even once the tofu is defrosted, seems to make for a much firmer tofu cube..
anyhoo today is not about tofu it is about mango chutney...
i am not entirely convinced i could let a curry night go by without this most vital addition..
the store bought jars are often delicious and i have no doubt that i have tried them all, but i find i waste a fair bit as i just cannot eat the sometimes huge lumps of so called mango. 
horrid, hard lumps.
 hard mango - what's that all about?
so anytime i see mango's reduced in supermarkets or veg stalls i grab them and make up a batch of our own chutney..
this past yule time we were very lucky to have three mangoes in our organic fruit bags so i saved them up and yesterday chutney making was on!
sadly i have no idea where the original recipe came from that i started all those blissful curry eating years ago, and certainly over time i have adapted it, tried different spices, apple or no apple and so on, but i have just glanced online and there are many great looking easy recipes out there..
honestly give it a go. it is so nice to make it to your own tastes. we like ours on the spicy, hot side with very small pieces of soft fruit. and this batch did contain apple as i had some that needed using up in the fruit bags..
my chap and i seem most at home, most content if our home smells of two things.. baking bread and vinegar.
unfortunately this chutney making coincided with fish night for the dogs so our entire house smelt like some dodgy back street fish and chip shop...
not recommended.....


  1. mmmm the wrong post for me to read, i'm hungry now and on day 6 of the 30 day WHOLE30 detox! x

    1. ooppps sorry! well done you on the detox - i would NEVER be able to do it as i have zero willpower!

  2. My husband has a soft spot for mango chutney, but we've never made it ourselves. Time for a change maybe? How many mangos do you need to make one jar?
    Claire xx
    somewhere... beyond the sea

    1. hello :)
      the three mango's shown which were on the small side, two onions, 3 small apples, vinegar, sugar and all spices made four small jars of chutney.
      if you look online there are some great really easy recipes that you can scale up or down.
      give it a go it really is so much nicer especially once you have tweaked the ratio's to suit what you like best :) x

  3. homemade mango chutney sounds delicious, never tried making my own. Think a trip to my nearest market is needed, the fruit is always much better value and riper than any supermarket.


  4. Hi there.....yes we are very much curry fans like yourselves, and yes we do tend to have maybe three dishes for our meal, i absolutly love dhal and could quite happily eat dhal every day of the week, and left over curry put in a wrap the next day is simply the best.
    As for Tofu, yes, i tend to freeze it too and then use it, but at the moment i am using the smoked blocks that you can get, these are great sliced in sandwiches.

    Thank you for stopping by and saying hi at my little blog, and for the lovely comment left about my puppets.
    Pixie x


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