Monday, January 13

mustard cowl


extra long so i can wrap it round twice or pop once over my head and once round neck to prevent these yorkshire winds creeping in to my ears...

easy peasy moss stitch on 6mm needles and knit knit knitted until it was long enough....

made just in time as local wise farming folk are saying snow is a-coming....


  1. Corrrr! I need to master the moss stitch!

  2. Love the wool! Super snuggy for those cold winds x

  3. ooo people keep saying the snow is coming in February! It's gonna make the CHASE THE YETI race i signed up for through rivers slightly cold!!! beautiful scarf, gorgeous colour xxx

  4. That is beautiful Tracy, love the colour!


  5. My favorite stitch, and I love the colour .xxxxxxxx


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