Friday, January 3

motivation. or lack of it.

am i the only one who lacks motivation?
i seem to have a head that is full of ideas, hopes and dreams but the actual drive to reach out and grab any of them is sorely lacking.
growing up i was never a team player, never strived to be top of the class, always preferring to bumble about unnoticed with a small group of friends that i loved with all my heart.
nothing has changed. i am still that girl .

this year i am faced with the chance to grab not one but two potentially amazing opportunities. both require me and really only me to use my old noggin and push them forward and make them happen. if i do it will not only make one of my all time hopes and dreams that i NEVER thought would actually happen, happen, but will also generate income and awareness of our small animal rescue efforts.

but here i sit on the third day of this year pondering.
i am almost certain, or have done a very good job of talking to my inner self sternly and convincing myself, that i have the ability to do both..
i certainly want to do both 
and yet the actual doing seems to be dancing on the boundary of my reach.
one task is very physical and certainly does not need doing right now whilst i am sleep deprived from poorly dog nursing, but the other involves me sitting very much on my backside.
i think a little bit of me is so excited about the second idea that i am almost to scared to put it out there for anyone to see in case they look at me as if i am loopy.
some very close pals who would be involved in the project know the outline idea and feedback was good so i should just get on with it..
in fact just writing it all down here has given me a tiny jolt of determination
off i go with a small but jolly useful pocket full of motivation...


  1. You and only you know which path to take Tracy ... Good luck and I'm sure whatever you choose it will be right

    Love Claire xx

  2. You can do it. Whatever it is. I have confidence in you. And, I will pray. :-)

  3. Oh stop dithering and JUST GET ON WITH IT! How was that for motivation?! X

  4. good luck!

  5. I think I know exactly what you mean, it's called living within your comfort zone. I am someone who is content within their place in the world, hardworking but happy to leave the limelight and praise to others. Content to function within the security of the invisible boundaries I have created. Last year I started something very new and different for me, totally outside of my normal routine and comfort zone. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I would feed sick with nerves questioning my self as to what I was doing. I still have some processes to go this year that again are bringing my flight instinct to the surface but I am hoping I am strong with myself and push through as so far what I have achieved has been positive and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. I hope you too can achieve your goals and have the same feeling as I have experienced, it's terrifying but so rewarding. XxBrenda

  6. What a shame to hide your talents, please don't!!!!!! We will all support you:) regards Karan xx

  7. You can do it Tracey! I first started following your blog when you were packing to go to Scotland, so it's been awhile. I know you to be resourceful, persevering, clever, creative, loyal and fun - all qualities that make you equipped to tackle and conquer a new adventure!!

  8. For motivation and inspiration, check out this artist's blog post, link below.
    Made me want to stand up and map out my whole year. Good luck!

    1. THANK YOU so so much for this link - why have i never thought of clearing a wall before. i am such a paper and pencil sort of person and need to actually see the thought process in front of me. genius. off to fill a workroom wall :)

  9. I wish you all the luck in the world Tracy for your projects and look forward to reading all about them. Your blog readers I am sure will help in what ever way they can if only to give advice in comments. I wish you and your beautiful family (human and otherwise) a happy 2014 x

  10. Do it all my dearfriend! See you have so much support!! xx

  11. Your loopy if you don't go for it... grab it while you can, you may not get the chance again. xx

  12. Go for it Trace. You wouldn't be human if you didn't get scared sometimes, doubt yourself etc., but all of us on here who have grown to know and admire you also know that you have a very strong core and can actually tackle anything you put your mind to. As for the whole motivation thing, it does just sometimes come and go, but it usually DOES return.

  13. I think one of my biggest fears is looking back when i am old and thinking i have wasted my life, i'm always going on about it!! so If i where you I would grab those opportunities with both hands, and see what happens. its not written in stone and you can change it if you are not happy but if you don't try you will always think.... what if... xx Oh and my Mum always says you have to give something 3 months before you give up on it...cause you never know.... and she knows a thing or two my MUm :-) xx


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