Sunday, January 5

wherever i may be ...

today i am enjoying the very last moments of this years tree as tomorrow it must be stripped of its somewhat bizarre decorations and take up its place outside.

we always keep our tree up until the 12th night and the next day the space is cleansed and the day begins..

this year our tree was adorned with plastic animals that a kind soul gifted to me in the summer.
 to say i LOVE them is an understatement so the thought of popping them back in a box in my workroom is a no no..

last year i made a tiny brooch that i wore each and every day that i was away at the country living fair.
five long days without my animal souls = bad times
the brooch consisted of a small plastic duck which when i held it i thought immediately of the poor disabled duck that was at that time residing in my bathroom at home.
it gave me an instant connection with home, with the animals that i missed so much.
the other components were gifted to me from my dearest friend sue.
 having the small bits and bobs from her gave me the courage, kindness and determination to have fun at the fair.
 each time i held on to that brooch i could hear sue in my head willing me on. 
true friends who inspire and make you feel loved and safe are very hard to find and come along rarely.
i am very very lucky ::)

so. tomorrow instead of putting those little plastic animals back in the confines of a box i think i will make myself a small collection of different animal brooches so that wherever i trundle through this year i will ensure that one of them is attached to my person to keep me safe, grounded and act as a bread crumb trail back to my home and loves in the forest....


  1. I've taken the tree down today, sadly.
    Last year I kept up the snowman that you made all year. It was too pretty to put away. Therefore I think you should keep the decorations out all year. Nobody minds!

  2. You have given me a brill idea for next years tree as there are so many lovely placcy animals out there now. Could be sprayed or just left. Various ones have already started appearing in various nooks and crannies in my house, I just can't resist them. I have also added them to jar lids, a bit old hat now, but hey, anything to brighten the winter days and bring a smile. Have a good day Tracey. X


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