Monday, January 20

there is slightly more mud than i can put up with...

the end of last week was all a bit gloomy..
car woes were pretty high on the woe list as yet another exhaust was wrecked by the forest track to our home, but hopefully by the end of today a new set of wheels will be here.
thanks to a really kind friend we will be mobile and even able to {at last} pull a trailer which will make taking animals to the vet a whole lot easier.
 honestly i have no idea how our little animal rescue centre would continue without the kindness of folk...

however without a shadow of a doubt the top of my woeful list was mud. 
never, not ever have i  had such a battle that i know without a shadow of a doubt i will not win.
i kid you not my home is hideous.
mud is dragged through the entire ground floor of this house from daybreak until lights out.
it is everywhere. on dogs, on walls, on floors, on every.single.door handle and light switch.
the battle with trying to have the simple joy of a clean hand towel is pointless. totally and utterly ruddy pointless. 
one handwash from a rushed farmer boy and i swear not a scrap of mud goes down the plug hole, instead it is carefully smeared over the entire hand towel. feck.

as every hour of each day goes by i give up a little more. 
my heart is just not in it.
i am also deaf from the constant sound of the ever running washing machine which is just about as fed up as me.
there seems no end in sight as the weather continues to be wet and warm, we are praying for snow.
clean clean icy snow
all that mud buried deep under a white blanket
all those wretched fluke snails smothered to death by a thick layer of ice which will mean we, and so many other farmers can sleep a little easier at night as our flock is offered up a little break from the fear of liver failure and certain death.

i think the only thing that keeps me sane is keeping my hands and mind busy. each time i get bogged in mud yet again fearing that at the next step i will be minus a welly i just accept the misery, turn tail and head for home.
just ten minutes inside with my eyes focused on a project and i can slowly breathe again..
last week it seemed to be crochet that saved me.
i had no plans for a blanket but it seems that out of my mud filled woeful mind a blanket was begun.
so a blanket we shall have.

it will always be known as the blanket made in the year that i was almost, very nearly driven totally mad by mud...


  1. Don't despair! I'm coming to tidy up for you!

  2. I hate mud too, give me a good hard frost to make the ground solid, but not wet, sloppy, slidey mud. Yuck! Nice blanket squares though! X

  3. oh i hear your pain!!!! hugs from another demented mud stained crazy woman whose wail are echoed by the washing machine! its funny a few people this week have written they are escaping and being saved by creativity! Its my safety boat as well. on a happier note, i finally sourced a local egg supplier with a brood of happy free chickens in their garden,treated like family! (no mean feat in the heart of redditch!!!!) 6 happy eggs coming my way every week! you changed my egg buying life xxxx


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