Friday, January 10

visiting an old friend...

the upside, very good upside, of not making for markets and what-nots is that i am finding old faithful friends in the abandoned piles of projects..

this piece of patchwork was started sometime last year i think and contains scraps of fabric that have been gifted to me from friends i have met though this wonder that is the internet...

friends that i value beyond measure. friendships that have slowly grown over the months. friends that i feel jolly, jolly lucky to have in my life...

so each hexie, each stitch, each moment that i sit down and work on this project i think of them..

we should all have a project like this on the go, something to grab hold of and work on when we have a bit of a wobbly day. a piece of stability that only friendship can give.

yep. a hexie swap between friends would certainly make this uncertain, often gloomy world a little brighter :)


  1. You have done quite a bit more since I last saw it, lovd all the colours.I keep trying new ventures nearly finished my knitted slippers....quite pleased with them , might put a picture of them on facebook later. Love you lots my loverly girl.xxxxx
    Mummy xxxxxxxx

  2. Snap...just posted a pic of a similar friend as I have been very wobbly lately. xx

  3. great project, I have been building a little stash of hexagons with scraps of fabrics from different projects - slowly building.

  4. wonderful idea! do you want to do a fabric swap? I have never done a quilt and want to do one this have inspired me? xx

    1. yay :) always up for a fabric swap - let me know what colours/tones you like and what size hexies you are going to do and i will have a rummage -i do not have a huge selection but sure i can find some gorgeous scraps :) x

  5. Its gorgeous, my quilt is a bit have made me want to get it finished! of to find those hexies xx


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