Thursday, February 27


lately, in fact for rather a long time now, i have had a bit of a creative blockage..
no shortage of ideas, plans and itchy fingers no siree, just an inability to make the ideas happen..
instead i have been doing a huge amount of easy knitting and crochet projects - hats, scarves, mittens and blankets, all easy peasy patterns, all resulting in an extra layer to wrap around us...

clearly its the winter making block..

however, great news, grand ta dah moment, for this very weekend i am away to place my hands back on to clay!

oh my oh my it has been so very many years since i dabbled with my then HUGE obsession with sculpture and i am so blooming excited and dare i say nervous about rekindling my love with clay once more but the opportunity to rent kiln space from folk that i adore and admire so much is a chance i am not going to miss!

so for now i shall continue with the wool and my odd, ever growing papier mache lost soul collection {more about this soon} and await the weekend with an open heart, clear mind, itchy fingers and a ruddy great big smile...


  1. oooo i am so excited for you! cant wait to see all the projects and the clay xxxx

  2. I love working with clay, i hope you have a really really good time, it ell all just happen you'll see, you have magic hands xx


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