Wednesday, March 5

i keep whispering to them that it will soon be Spring....

..... and it will be, i can see tiny signs that the seasons are changing, the animals behaviours are starting to shift, the air is different... of course we all still wake each day expecting to see a blanket of white snow....

life is trundling on here, already the extra light at the end of each day is making our working day that little easier, we can now sit down for lunch rather than scrabbling round in our pockets for any snacks whilst on the move...

its all good. our heads are full of all the extra work such as wall repairs, lime washing and pen scrubbing that lay ahead over the next month. Spring is a busy, nose to the ground sort of time with lots of deep cleaning after the long months of animals sheltering indoors..
of course this year we will not be lambing, it feels strange as our year very much has this great event at its heart, but the decision to take time off from breeding rare breeds and concentrate solely on our  rescue work is what sits most comfortably with us. 
we hope now that wool is suddenly so on trend that other folk will look at keeping our precious native breeds and this in turn will increase numbers. 
we will keep increasing our Boreray flock as they are so endangered and we do have such a beautiful line, but that is for future years ....

so. no babies to be born on this farm this year apart from any surprises 
{ there are always some despite our very best efforts! }
and possibly pregnant animals that arrive at our gate in need of rescue, safety, and kindness... day to day we never know what to expect but the phone keeps ringing, the messages keep arriving and our hearts break with each animal that we just simply cannot help.....

be kind people, take time to support animal charities, unlike humans they ask for very little in return for our love and kindness 


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  1. What a truly lovely lady you are Tracy ... wish there were more in the world like you!

    Love Claire xxx


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