Tuesday, March 25

in order to feel normal....

 ** don't go**
 beautiful town
i love this house
 homeward bound to the forest i love
i try to get out and about at least a few times a month..
 i know to most only leaving the house on two occasions in an entire month sounds odd but i have no school run to do, no outside work and food can be delivered to the gate and so the weeks pass me by...
and the fact that i am chased up the drive by hens and a certain sheep who then tries to cram herself through the gate desperate to come with me, looking all lost and worried... ack it is a surprise that i leave at all!

but in order to stay slightly sane i trundle in to town, or out to visit precious pals to catch up on news and to see actual people and not just animals.
today was one of those days.
i needed pegs and a plant.
i was left uninspired by the towns peg offerings {{i am a fussy peg person} but i did bring home a new plant friend, and from the charity shop two wooden coat hangers and four circular needles for the grand sum of £1
life's essentials...

beside the joy of clutching a new plant pal in my hands the best part of my jaunt out was seeing a new to me friend totally by chance, having only met once in real life before,we passed each other in the supermarket and did that awkward half smile do i know you kinda thing - you know the one?
two isles down we found ourselves both gazing at the chocolate and both our brains clicked into place :)
i left with a smile and a treasure from our meeting.
honestly the kindness of some makes me feel so hopeful in this otherwise rather scary world....


  1. The scenery you pass on the way into town is breathtaking Tracy! It's nice to get out and about now and again, but even better to come home ...

    I know what you mean about pegs too! (and chocolate) ...

    Have a wonderful Wednesday

    Love Claire xxx

  2. You should of taken the sheep on a lead! I'm sure you would get some great looks! (Is that Settle?) xxxxx


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