Monday, March 24

packing up the suitcase of mr gloom and mr worry....

last week was hard.
we saved and then lost one of our greatest animal friends, darling big lad boris.
i am still open wounded and tender so will swiftly move on, no more words and no pictures of him... not today.

the title of this post sums up exactly how i felt upon opening my eyes this morn. an unusual air of determination was wafting around me, i breathed deeply as i have not felt this positive for what seems like an awfully long time. it has been a very hard, long Winter.

but today, as i watched the sun beam down on our old barn roof from my cosy bed i suddenly felt quite happy. not kick up your heels, leap out of bed happy, but a small spark of hope and happiness was certainly creeping around my toes.

so with that in mind i hope that i can indeed pack up the suitcases of gloom and worry and push them out of the door.
my plan is to try to become a slightly tougher version of myself, one that looks logically at things before crying, the sort of person that accepts that horrid things happen to us all and it is just not worth thinking about them before they actually happen.
i am sick of wasting my days feeling sad, lonely and stuffed full of fear and worry, worry, worry. 
if i could change one thing about myself it would be to worry less. seriously i fret about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g...

i know our life is pretty tough a lot of the time, we have a great many animal souls in our care that rely on us for everything, to feed, bed, love and protect them 24/7...
i know that with this responsibility comes very long days, often both physically and emotionally hard..
i know with this path that we have chosen that money will always be tight. the animals come first ALWAYS, there will never be many treats..

BUT i know that we chose this life, or maybe this life was chosen for us?
whichever way i have opened my eyes today determined to feel more grateful for what we do have, for all of the animals that arrive here lost and broken that we can offer safety to, for the fact that we have a roof over our heads, for the fact we have each other even though most days we feel miles apart...

to start this more positive, less of a worry-pants me i thought i would re-visit a great idea that previously i had thought would be impossibly for me to achieve.

one picture a day that marks a happy moment... its as easy as that

i am going to be posting each of my daily pictures over on instagram, you can find me over there most days as like so many bloggers i find it such a quick and easy platform to record my day rather than finding time to sit at my laptop.
if i had a better phone that took clear pictures and i knew how to get the pictures from my phone to my blog, then i would do a weekly round-up here but alas that is not to be..
 so if you can, pop over and join me on instagram and whilst you are there and thinking happy thoughts why not sign up for the challenge yourself...

we can do this, we can do this.... :)


  1. Love your positive attitude Tracy! There seems to be a lot of it around, it's definitely rubbing off. Hope your sad times are now in the past ... onwards and upwards! There's so much to look forward to xxx


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