Tuesday, April 15

the most perfectly perfect small person...

yet again it has been a little quiet here on my blog, the words have stopped flowing and i have found it hard to settle on what to write and what to bury deep inside my mind never to be thought of again..

i do have a little excuse for my abscence last week in the shape of a wonderful visit from my family..
 time spent with those that love you the most is so healing don't you think?

i breathed in every smile, every step, every moment of my darling niece.
i listened and stored away the sweetness of  her tiny voice as she called out my doglets names - never has badger and george sounded so cute!

but in what felt like a heartbeat they were gone and as the car disappeared down the forest track i could almost see the black cloud of loneliness looming towards me - ack....
and it has now become apparent that a lurgy was mistakenly left behind which has now found its way to me and i am low with flu like feelings..

but on the bright side of things, for there must ALWAYS be a bright side, i am hopeful that i have located and grasped my making mojo.
a need to create once again.
about time...now i just need some warmer days and all will be well

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  1. Oh Tracy, so sorry you're not feeling very well ... What an adorable baby, you must have felt sad when she left, she's adorable! Hope you're feeling chipper again Soo, and can't wait t see what you've been making ...

    Love Claire xxx


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