Tuesday, May 27

pick three..

this week the first of our darling henny girls are going off to a new home..
a new home where i will not be able to control their comfort, happiness and safety..
a new home where i hope they will be loved and cherished for their lifetime..
that they will be allowed the freedom to roam safely, to lay when they are ready and to never, ever end up on someones dinner plate..
all the requirements i have asked of the new potential homes in the hope that the folk are being honest and truthful..
i wanted to tell them that i would hunt them down if they harmed my hens. but i didn't. stephen thought it best if i kept the crazy protective side of my animal caring firmly hidden in its box...

so. to pick three. three out of this group of twenty five very much loved ladies who we rescued from a truly terrible start, who arrived virtually bald, with open wounds, so underweight and almost at the point of gratefully giving up...

i just hope the three are going off to pastures new where they will be happy, safe and loved..

they go with my love and blessings and the knowledge that i *will* watch over them, from afar but i will still be there. always. for each and every one that leaves..

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  1. I pray that the care you have shown to each one, will continue to follow them... where ever they may go... That kindness will precede them on their journey...


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