Monday, May 26

big, big changes...


those that share a word or two with me over on facebook will know that a huge, unwelcome strong gust has swept in and whipped the life i know, the person i am, the hopes and dream i hold close, from under my feet..

my life is about to change big time..

i cannot write it all down here at the moment as its still too raw, i may never be able to type it out, who knows?
what i do know is that i plan to continue with this small blog of mine wherever i may be.. i think now more than ever before it will prop me up, become a steady constant, a place of my own...

its time for me as a maker to step out of the shadows i have placed around me and share my work..
the fledgling ideas, the process , the final results and above all else be brave enough to stand tall next to what i have made and be proud.

for the next few weeks i will be packing
for the next few weeks i will be desperately trying to hold myself together each and every moment of each and every day
for the next few weeks my heart will break as i say goodbye to the animals i have helped rescue, those that i have watched with pride and joy as they learnt to trust a human hand again...

our work here is done and we are broken and unsure where our paths will take us next, but this blog will be here, plodding on documenting the bright moments in my otherwise very dark world...

slowly onwards...


  1. I'm sorry for the pain of moving on, but I believe in you. Praying for you as you move forward.

  2. Even though everything seems so bleak at the moment Tracy, it will get better one day ... soon I hope. I have seen your work and it is so original, vibrant and just you, that I don't think there will be any problem with earning a living from it. I am sorry for what has happened, but take heart and know that you have a lot of loyal supporters, and you always did your best and have helped a lot of animals over the years ... with your unfailing love.

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Always here for you lovely one xxx

  4. I'm praying that you will find comfort and peace to carry you through whatever you are facing~

  5. You have to hold on to the thought of the animals you have helped and have rescued - without you they may have never known kindness - keep that positive thought, of the good you have already done and who knows what may happen in the future!

  6. We are here for you..... Take time to be good to yourself.... And Breathe....
    And again, We're here for you....

  7. Hoping that your dark cloud will lift very soon and show you the way ...

  8. So sorry Tracy. Sending bright thoughts to help with dark days. Xx


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