Thursday, May 29

sugar is my poison...

at the moment each and every day is a weary struggle, my heart is heavy and my body feels as if it has been hit by a bus. 
i know part of this problem aside from the huge upheaval that is happening on the home front,is all the sugar i am consuming
nothing feeds misery more than sugar

i am a vegan and have been for a long time, previous to that i was a almost lifetime vegetarian that rarely ate dairy but just could not quite give up malteasers
clean eating has  always been important but the sugar cravings have always been strong even though i know that they act as a toxin to my body but at times of upset and stress i pile them in regardless, always regretting it as i slowly feel my body coming to a grinding halt
this i clearly where i am at now

i know the next month is going to be hard both physically and emotionally so food fuel is going to be important even though every part of my being does not want to prepare meals. eating just feels pointless.
so the plan is to try and be kinder to my insides but just not to worry about my sugar intake..
to keep in my mind that in only a months time i will be back with my family, engulfed in love and warmth, at the start of my healing process, and it is then that i shall go back to clean eating, treating my body well, taking this whole vegan journey a step further..

i am hoping that this move will not only breathe new life in to my creative side but also in to my spiritual side that really really needs feeding and feeding well.


  1. Tracy, I don't know what has happened to you and your home, and I respect that you don't want to broadcast it, but it sounds as though you are having a truly horrible time. You must allow yourself that. And give yourself a break. Buy mixed fruit and nuts, soup, good bread and humus. Make eating well as easy as it can be, and as tasty. Try to mix up the sugar with something else - cake rather than sweeties, flapjack not fizzy drinks. Some hearty belly filling food might do you good too - lentil chilli, mash, apple crumble. I am thinking of you here far away and sending you strengthening thoughts - it feels like you need strengthening.

  2. Oh Tracy, I have no idea what's happening with you either but have been reading with sadness. Your words pour out the grief & turmoil you are feeling and my heart just goes out to you. Been there, too many times. Wish I could give you the biggest hug my lovely xxx


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