Sunday, July 20

slow stitching....

i am finding it difficult to make outside of my comfort zone....
stitching, patching and piecing flows easily from my mind through my fingertips but the outcome of hours of medative making is pretty much things i have seen before
this is not really a problem but i guess i was hoping a move, new surroundings, more time and a settled mind would bring new thoughts and ways..
maybe it will. over time.

the loss, the move, its all still pretty raw, i wonder often if i will start grieving soon and totally lose my head
have i buried and bottled up all my feelings and emotions or am i a totally empty space?
who knows...

i think i need to get out more, see new things, read, watch, absorb
meet new folk
walk in green spaces quietly with a doglet at my side
be kinder to myself
forget the past a little more and the people that are wrapped up in it

move forward one step at a time


  1. Healing takes time, but also work. Maybe try to do one positive thing each day or week... visit a gallery, take a class, meet a pal, borrow a library book, add a few stitches to something different. Think of it a prescribed medicine. xx


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