Friday, July 18


yesterday was my birthday, a day i had really been dreading as i just do not generally enjoy them..
its not an age thing its more of a continuously disappointed so no longer bother sort of thing.
year after year of nothing special happening to mark my day has left me with an anxious and irrational fear..
that and the fact i was without my farmer boy for the first birthday in 24 years..
stupid really...

happily i can report this year, my 42 birthday was rather lovely
plenty of hugs from my girls and the sweetest *happy birthday* chirruped to me from my darling annabelle

and there was cake. enough said.


  1. See, there are rainbows out there! X

  2. Happy forty poo lovely lady. I thought it was just me who felt exactly the same over birthdays funny that. That cake looks very scrummy indeedy. Xxx

  3. Happy Birthday, Tracy... I understand disappointment...
    Hugs to you..

  4. belated Birthday wishes Tracy. I'm not a fan of my birthdays either and don't bother celebrating them anymore (other than not booking dentist appointments or anything nasty on the actual day!) Birthday cake is definitely a perk though and that one looks especially delicious xxx

  5. Belated birthday wishes to you.
    Glad it worked out to be a lovely day for you xxxxxxx

  6. Extremely pretty and yummy looking cake too! Glad your day surpassed your expectations. xxx


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