Sunday, January 23

for sale...

thank you so so much for all your kind words about my hare brooch..

it would seem that there are quite a number of us who are captivated by there beauty which does not surprise me at all...

a little magic is jolly good for just about anyone....

for those sweet folk that asked where, when and if they could have there very own hare brooch to adorn sweaters, bags and hats, the answer is


*said with a big smile and a skip*

my website is still being created so for the meantime if you could email me then i can send you a paypal invoice ...

they are all priced at £9.50 each which includes the postage

the other brooches i currently have for sale are also shown below...
it will also give potential new magic hare owners some idea of how your brooch will be packaged

** dashing owl **

packaging :)

** pear **

** oak and acorn **

and the hare
of course.....

thanking you so so much for all the hare love

it truly does mean so much to me as i suffer with zero confidence in my makes which is why the website is taking an age to launch itself out there for all to see...

i am very very scared and nervous!



  1. Your brooches are beautiful, i've emailed you x

  2. Tracy you should be so proud of your wonderful makes and so proud of yourself! Seriously twinks they are gorgeous. I am so looking forward to seeing your new website. I totally understand your feelings of nervousness and being a wee bit scared but I honestly can see you doing so well my lovely. I shall email you now with my order. Whoop whoop it's soo exciting!!! Huggles. Ionwen XXX

  3. You really shouldn't be Tracey. Love the natural style of your work. When you made needlecases and other bits and bobs from felted wool in the past I thought they were wonderful too. I can completely understand how you feel though. It's never easy jumping out there with your own work. Hope all goes from strength to strength and the hare brooches are just the start of it all. By the way we're surrounded by hares who live in some of the copses around here. One moonlit snowy night Rosey and I drove home and were spellbound by about 9 of them in a field all doing different things. They simply take your breath away to see them.


  4. I think your stuff is wonderful, It's the soft colours you use that I adore. LOVE the acorn. x

    ps got my prize thank-you very much indeedy..its lovely, havent taken it off lately! x

  5. I love these pins - LOVE them. I want one of each! But I've been a bit leary of Pay-Pal up until now.

    I'll gather up my nerve and take the plunge and send you an email soon.

    I look forward to your website.

    I don't know you but I'm so proud of you and your skills. :)

  6. Since finding your blog, I have seen glimpses of your work and wondered where I could purchase it because I think the things you make are beautiful.

    It seems the most talented people are often self-doubting. You really shouldn't be. I can't wait to see your new website.

  7. your brooches are just love and i wold want to order one from you later, if it is ok to make a custom order? i am maker of woodland jewelries myself, and woodland is constant source of inspiration for me.



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