Tuesday, June 5

four days

here's what we did......


kiss kiss kissing this sweet boys ears a lot and thinking back to when he was born

 remembering how much his mama talulla loved him and how she loves him less now due to the fact that he steals her food, sniffs her bum and can run faster than her...

marvelling at how our native breed sheep self shed and then realising that i now must walk the gazillion miles to collect their fleece from fences, walls and grassy tufts for spinning..

wondering if the others laugh and point at the ewe who just cannot lose that last bit of fleece from her backside...

me trying to convince one of our bottle fed lambs that it is better to live outside rather than scratching at the back door to come in then watching me make a cup of tea...

her not being convinced by my argument...

remembering that i love limes more than lemons

never getting bored of seeing this chicken climb the ladder to the hay loft - others flap and fly up, she chooses to be dignified and climb

 welcoming two new borerays in to the world

mama tucked away neatly in a corner of a field, quietly going about the business of giving birth to not one but two scraps of black and white
much cleaning, fussing and soft bleating and within minutes each babe up and feeding..
bringing them in to the barn for a few days to be checked over and admired..
one as always stronger than the other but both truly  beautiful
happiness is this...


a day of me grumpity grumping about the place, unable to settle on one task, not really knowing why i feel so restless..
lack of sleep?
sorry family
sorry dogs for not giving you a proper walk
sorry  to the folk passing by... but seriously?

not sure when it became o.k to  open our farm gates and just wander in regardless of the two honking great rams with mahoosive horns that are waiting behind the wall?
me enquiring politely why they are trespassing, them seeing me coming and trying to hide behind trees - one in a luminous yellow cycling jacket the other in orange... for fecks sake...
me screeching like a fishwife using language that my mother would frown upon (sorry mama)
them walking away without a word leaving me to ponder if i could lift one of the honking great rams and hurl it at them...

four whole days where we all stayed here on the farm
me mainly doing the whole looking after animals, baking, yelling at strangers thing

him mainly mending fences, rebuilding walls and eating mexican food

him watching the whole jubilee festivities
me avoiding it whilst inside hopping around with sheer joy that big brother is  back

(you can tell who the educated, sensible one is in this house)

and we ran out of tea 

and now its done
back to normality tomorrow

i welcome it with open arms

t x


  1. I simply love reading about your life. Sorry about the tuesday grumps but the trespassers had it coming. thanks for blogging.

  2. ahhh T, it is lovely to hear your voice again and read about your life with the creatures, I'm glad you have healed and finished licking your wounds.
    Lovely lovely photos, the ones of Queenie B in her fetching headscarf made me roar with laughter..she looks a tad embarrassed or smug..cant decide which! xx

  3. i love you my beautiful girl,xxx
    nothing else to say.xxxxx

  4. Pity the rams didn't have a 'word' with the trespassers, might have taught them a lesson.
    What lovely little new arrivals.
    Carol xx

  5. I loved reading about your animals...welcome back! Its a shame Scotland didnt suit you in the end xxx


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