Saturday, November 17

for the last two weekends we have had a silent visitor who wanders around the farm and fields capturing moments in time...
a professional photographer who has snapped hundreds and hundreds of pictures of our beloved bunch of misfit creatures and some wildlife too...

the sight of someone with a camera has obviously kick started something in us as both stephen and i have been happily taking snaps of one and all..
clearly we will erase all our toot taken on a cheap outdated held together with string camera once the professional shots arrive...

in the meantime here's a quick peek at our lot enjoying some autumnal sunshine..

cilla hen with her most marvellous hairdo

 our team of ducks swimming along their little stream...

busily turning a once green field in to a swamp....

but totally forgiven as they are so very very pretty....

 and are super cool dancers....

sparrow the rescue pony

alice who has the best looking fleece and a smile!

 handsome bunch of lads

beautiful clary..

a curious marsh daisy...

all gorgeous and hopefully all happy and content..


  1. Oh, they're so beautiful. Thankyou. Really cheered up this grey old day down here!

  2. Well they certainly look happy and content, you are an an angel, looking after them all :-)
    P.s Sparrow is Gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful pictures...I have so enjoyed them...Blessings to you all.
    Val in Kansas

  4. I love your pictures Tracy, great for my animal felting research!


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