Saturday, February 23

7/52 and 8/52

this week my darling hounds you have been enjoying holding your heads high and sniffing in the air... you know Spring is on its way ..
more strolls in the forest
 chasing patches of sunshine around the house to bathe in...

this week we also had the rice drama
a most dastardly crime was committed whereupon five of you stole and consumed a bag of dried rice
i was petrified and despite vet and whippety friends advice i still spent the night awake just watching you all..

this week you have been the most patient sweet hounds a girl could wish for...
the rescue side of the farm has been super busy with the arrival of many kids from the goats we saved from death late last year..
the vet thinks it is a miracle that any have survived, we feel exhausted from being 24 hour midwives but are so delighted!
you six doglets of mine have all just accepted that time is short, walks are tiny and as long as you had food and warmth you hardly complained a jot..
excellent whippies
a portrait of my hounds...once a week...every week in 2013"
** linking up with hundreds of others thanks to jodi **


  1. oh dear, at least all is well and no harm done...except to the rice!

  2. love that you are taking portraits of your doggies! They are beautiful!!! :) We have a big shepherd mix and a sassy french bulldog. Our first babies (before the human baby came along) and spoiled everything for them. :) Looking forward to seeing more of your pups!

  3. We are tempted by getting a grey hound. Lots of contemplation happening.

  4. This is so sweet. I love what you are doing! Beautiful. Jo

  5. I too had a scary experience when my hounds woofed a bag of lentils, a pack of nurofen, a sewing kit, a lamp, antique teddy bear, pair of boots etc etc etc. I spend regular nights lying there terrified that the dogs will die and horrifying poo pick ups in the garden. My boxer and her wolf-like son destroyed my darling daughters room this morning when left for 2 hours!!! Any advice would be most welcome as they definately don't get the 'sweet' description this week!


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