Saturday, May 18

{{ blog every day in may }} day eighteen

best friends are very hard to find and in my case i truly believe only really happen once..
now,i am not including the chap that i have been with through thick and thin, good times and a whole heap of bad and who has seen me at my most drunk because clearly he *is* more than a best friend to me..
this is him doing his very best farmer pose for a magazine...

oh how we laughed...

nope i am talking about a girlfriend, a friend who just gets you..

this is my annie...

she died of breast cancer at the age of 43

she took a huge part of me with her when she left and i will be broken hearted forever ..
but i know she will come and get me when my time is up because in life she never ever let me down..

annie knew me
she knew what i needed before i did
she taught me to kick ass
she nagged me when i *so* needed it
she held me when i was broken
she made me see sense in the chaos of things
she gave me buffy
she moaned at me if i forgot to wear lipstick every day
she encouraged me to do things outside of my comfort zone
she forced me to be less of a doormat and a dormouse
she was my light

i loved her and she loved me

she was my forever best friend
i just know it

as time passes i can feel her slipping away
i cry less often for my loss
but i think of her every single day without fail
sometimes it is only a tiny glimmer
and sometimes the grief still brings me to my knees
if you have a best friend like annie my advice is to hold on tight
treasure that friendship
before it quietly slips away..


  1. A friend that brings you Buffy is a friend indeed, I like Annie x

  2. That is so beautiful.:)
    I'm sorry she isn't around any more.I am absolutely sure she felt the same about you Tracy.

    Your mister has perfected the perfect Farmerish pose.

  3. there will always be a very special place in your heart for Annie,time may take some of the pain away but every so often that little bit of special place will remind you how much you miss and love her and that little bit of special place is very strong and will never leave you...i have 3 special places in my heart and im so glad i have them my dad,mum and mark.I quite often sit and think of them ,not all at the same time.....i might feel sad but i love the memories i have of them. Ilove you my loverly girl dont ever stop being you.xxxxxxxx

  4. Oh Tracy, you were so blessed to have such a friend. xxx

  5. A beautiful post about a beautiful girl.

    Eleanor xx

  6. Deep love never slips awa, it is always constant. I lost and found again one of my best friends, I know how precious she is. My life is better for her being in it, thanks for reminding me. For you to love Annie so much she was probably every bit as special as you are:) you are an amazing person.sending you a hug. Regards Karan

  7. I love this tribute to your friend. I'm sorry for your loss, and I appreciate the reminder to hold dear to us our beloved friends. They really are like gold, aren't they - true friends?


  8. I could have almost written the same post, some 30 years since breast cancer stole my best friend, Jenny.
    I still miss her and am so very sorry she died because she had so much to give.
    It is hard to lose those we love, you were lucky to have had Annie in your life and she was lucky to have had you in hers.
    Carol xx

    1. oh carol i am so sad that you have had to go through all this as well :(
      time is a great healer but you never truly forget..
      hugs to you xx

  9. she is beautiful...and you must miss her terribly.. xx Annie will always be with you in your heart xx

  10. wow i'm crying and how beautiful that picture of her is! wanna climb into the screen and give you a cuddle! x


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