Sunday, May 19

{{ blog every day in may }} day nineteen

to be honest i am at a total loss with today's topic..
we are asked to talk about a favourite tradition and how it is celebrated..
i got nothing. nowt. zippo...
i come from a family that celebrated christmas big style each year, always at my nan and grandads, always huge gift exchanging, always magnificent lunch and then always presents from under the tree after supper..
when olive and harry passed they carried this family tradition with them...
our family drifted apart at yule time almost as if we were only being held together by my grandparents and an invisible thread...
i miss it
i miss them...

perhaps it is time to create some new family traditions....


  1. Creating your own family traditions is completely worth it. You can just do things that make you happy!

    Eleanor x

  2. So bittersweet , great that you had such amazing people in your life , sad that you miss it all can get new memories without betraying the old ones're such an inspiring character I bet you would come up with some great ones xxx

  3. Oh today's post has made me sad. Maybe we need a vintage granny day when we all get together?!

  4. ooo my dad was the invisible thread for us! i have begun making my own traditions...including sticky Christmas lizards on the ceiling (don't ask!) its worth it and fabulous x


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