Saturday, May 11

{{ blog every day in may }} day eleven

ahhhh books
bookity books
how i love you..

piled high in my workroom as constant inspiration and also a visual delight..
these are mainly books full of tales for little ones, i have always collected them and probably always will..
they usually look a great deal nicer than this with all their decorative spines on disply..
a room shift around has left them in a bit of a pickle...

dear alice..

and on the other side of the room perched upon my work table for easy inspiration and knowledge i have a constantly revolving pile that generally shows what i am working on at any given time..

so you  see to pick only five from my lifetime of collecting and loving books is tricky dicky indeed..


  1. I've put Alice in too.;)
    Who needs book shelves anyway! x

  2. I love books, especially old ones, they are nice just to have lying around.I too collect childrens fairy tales and also Jane Austen books, especially old ones- I think I have 8 or 9 copies of Sense and Sensibility.
    Love to your animals xxx


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