Friday, May 10

{{ blog every day in may }} day ten

today's topic for the BEDM challenge has made me smile..
*where in the world would you like to travel to now*
absolutely nowhere, i will stay just here... for always.. thank you very kindly...

i am a cancerian, a nester, homemaker, hoarder and often grumpy madam, so prising me from my nest is indeed a risky and tricky undertaking - just ask my friends and family...

i have travelled, and in fact spent my early childhood growing up in germany as my papa was in the forces..
i have sat on beaches fidgeting with boredom, traipsed around tourist destinations in the blistering heat longing for a crisp british autumn day and even spent a month back packing around thailand, but it is just not for me...

i hate hot sweltering days which is why i think i am so content here in yorkshire although i would like a little less rain..

i am not one for crowds and i do not like the feel of sand on my bare feet...
i like it here
in the middle of the forest
surrounded by creatures

and all that it would take to make it completely and utterly perfect would be if my precious family lived only moments away rather than a five hour drive...

you never know. one day ...


  1. I don't blame you, I'd swap living here in Kent for my beloved Yorkshire Dales in a heartbeat. One day, maybe, if I can persuade my German husband the rain isn't all that bad ;) Beth/thelinencat

  2. hello lovely Beth x
    i do adore Yorkshire but my many years living in Kent are honestly the happiest i have ever been - i think deep down it will always be home for me :)

  3. I feel just the same as you about my little bit of Devon. When the gate shuts behind us as we get home it is bliss.

  4. Hehe, I'm a cancerian too and that described me down to a tee! I don't think I'd want to go on holiday if I lived in such beautiful surroundings as you do. x

  5. What a gorgeous spot you live in! I can see how you could be very happy there. You are a lucky lady living somewhere that makes you happy.

    Eleanor xx

  6. If I lived where you lived I'd never leave either! Looks so lovely :)

  7. cor if i lived there i wouldn't leave either! lovely to find you via hettie brown xxxx


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