Sunday, May 12

{{ blog every day in may }} day twelve

i have many, some would say too many...

sadly most are not here with me but are tucked up in boxes far away..
so today's blog post challenge is one that makes me feel sad..
sad for the things that i have collected and gathered for my entire life that are now hundreds of miles away from me..
worthless to anyone but me, just objects that hold memories tucked inside them..
my memories..
i honestly fear that they may well be lost forever..
only time will tell.

i hold on tight to the treasures i have here with me now
 suddenly they are even more important
 and all the while i am gathering more, collecting and tucking away more treasures and memories..

my head tells me that they are only possessions, that true memories come from those that live and breathe

i collect those too

and hold them dear..


  1. oh bless you, i want to climb into the screen and give you a hug xx

  2. This made me sad too!!! I love my "stuff" but sometimes wonder why I am so attached, much better to have love for living things! I hope your treasures return Tracey:) love reading more about your life!

  3. Sending another hug, from Zurich - I share you love of beautiful pitchers and creamers. Here's hoping they are safely tucked away somewhere and that you will someday be reunited.

  4. Big hugs from me too.xx
    To you and your animal collection.:)

  5. If it's not too personel/private as in MYOB can you tell us what happened to Sea House and why you left it and moved to Yorkshire? Loving your 'bloging everyday in May'.

  6. Is there no way of getting them back? Hope you find a way to get them one day soon :(
    I like to collect things, but sadly they like to collect dust - and I HATE dusting!! :))


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